UPDATE: Pamela W. Webster, LICSW retired at the end of June 2018 and closed her La Center office. She can be reached via e-mail at She may be available for special projects at a later date. Thank you!

Pamela W. Webster, LCSW

Areas of Particular Interest / Experience

  • depression and anxiety
  • women with chronic dieting or binge-eating issues, or other eating disorders, and related self-esteem and body-image issues
  • men or women with weight loss issues(whether following or having “failed out” of a commercial weight loss plan); those considering bariatric surgery
  • chronic health conditions
  • chronic pain
  • migraine
  • addiction
  • life transition, aging, grief
  • couple counseling
  • career counseling
  • Buddhist psychology
  • Alaska Natives/Native Americans
  • court personnel, correctional officers
  • adolescents and pre-adolescents (5th grade and up)
  • Spanish and Portuguese speaking and International people

Pam learned to work with many kinds of people and problems in Interior Alaska—an isolated place with relatively few mental health providers. Her areas of particular interest include couples counseling, and individual counseling regarding eating disorders, food and weight issues, medical coordination with doctors and other professionals for treatment of chronic conditions, adolescent girl issues, and depression & anxiety.

Pam speaks Spanish and Portuguese, and enjoys working with clients from other countries. She worked at two university health centers and has considerable experience with college-age students. She also has significant experience with both Alaska Native and Latino clients. Pam sees herself as a practical helper, and often uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Constructive Living approaches. Pam had a private practice in Fairbanks, Alaska for 20 years and moved to Vancouver, Washington in the summer of 2014.

header photo credit: marroyo12 under CC BY 2.0